African Refuge

Serving African Refugees, immigrants and low-income families since 2003.

The Staten Island Foundation supports the African Refuge Inc. Youth Entrepreneurs Club - An Evidence Based Drug Prevention Program.  The program helps to prevent, delay and reduce drug use, abuse and involvement among school age youth. 

Who Are We?

African Refuge is a community-based organization which aims to improve the quality of life for marginalized youth, families, senior citizens, immigrants and refugees.

We aim to enhance the well being of people who have faced abuse, poverty, desertion, depression and the effects of war.

To achieve our mission, we promote community engagement and facilitate access to meaningful resources and activities that promote the dignity, development and health of youth and families.

All services are offered through our core  programs  include:

• Drop-In Center

• Youth Center

• Health Program 

• Human Rights & Social Justice Project

• Partnership In Community Health (PICH) Program