African Refuge

Serving African Refugees, immigrants and low-income families since 2003.

Partnership In Community Health (PICH)

Hours of Operation:
Wednesdays - Friday
12 pm to 2 pm

African Refuge teamed up with the Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing at Wagner College and Project Hospitality to create the Partnership in Community Health (PICH)  program, which promotes the health and dignity of low-income families, including immigrants, refugees and those who have endured wars, torture and other catastrophic circumstances.

The program helps clients access and navigate health care and social services, free of charge. On-site services include:

  • health screening for chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes;
  • psychosocial and benefit counseling;
  • referral to appropriate health care providers;
  • free rapid HIV/AIDS testing;
  • health education workshops;
  • community outreach, such as health fairs, forums and mailings;
  • free or low-cost health insurance enrollment;
  • a food pantry.

Services are provided by a professional staff. PICH engages the Park Hill community to promote the well-being of its members, using a culturally-sensitive, interdisciplinary approach. PICH aims to empower Parkhill community members to manage their own health care in a way that optimizes their quality of life.

PICH Volunteers

African Refuge thanks the following volunteers for the generous contributions to African Refuge's PICH Program of their time and expertise:

Cheryl Nadeau, RN, M.S., FNP-C

Joni Timmins, NYU Nursing Student 

Sarah-Ann L Kieffer, NYU Nursing Student

Charlene Baron, NYU Nursing Student

Kimberly Doctor, NYU Nursing Student

 Sarah M. David, NYU Nursing Student

Jen Beury, NYU Nursing Student

Audrey Blakesley, NYU Nursing Student

Alison Greelison, NYU Nursing Student

Marlene Streisinger, RN, Wagner Alumni '09

David Williams, RN


PICH-led CPR Training in January 2010 is featured in the news.