African Refuge

Serving African Refugees, immigrants and low-income families since 2003.

Partners and Supporters

We thank the following Partners and Supporters for their generous contributions:
Unithree Corporation
New York Foundation
Staten Island Foundation
Councilwoman Debi Rose
Con Edison 
NYC Department of Health CACFP 
Countess Moira Foundation
Fox Family Foundation
Police Athletic League
Independent Community Foundation
Richmond Foundation
Senator Diane Savino
Congressman Michael Grime
Assemblyman Matthew Titione
Rotary Foundation of Staten Island
Technology for Kids
Other Productions, Inc.
Department of Health and Human Services, Community Empowering Youth Project
Interactive Intelligence Foundation
Kids Need to Read
Abigail E. Disney & Pierre N. Hauser
Sharon Guskin
Wilma P. Jones
Dr. Tobe Levin
Frankie Hutton
Flora Hogman
Daniel Ray
Gilda L. Sherwin
Fred Wistow
Alastair Kenneth & Wendy Ager
Hali M. Breindel
Joanna Butler